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Job Description: 

.NET Junior Developer: Strike safely and reliably delivers the specialized asset maintenance, construction, and contracting services that are business-critical to the energy, chemical, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.

As a .NET Application intern, you will spend time maintaining our Azure cloud applications and essential commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications supporting our business.


Email or if interested in applying.

Amazon Web Services

Job Description: 
This is a training program and simulation of the Cloud Support role in the Cloud
As an Amazon intern, you will be interacting with your peers and the AWS global team of full-time professionals as part of our AWS Cloud Support team
You'll be learning about some of AWS's top services, including EC2, load balancers, and S3 storage solutions; the tools and technologies utilized by AWS customers; and following a simulation of our environment to gain insight into providing expert technical support to organizations all across the globe
Collaborate with AWS engineers and interns in a virtual classroom to learn about AWS services and troubleshooting techniques
You'll have an opportunity to apply your new skills through customer case simulations



Job Description: 

As an intern at Capgemini, we will give you the opportunity to learn the fundamental technical skills, knowledge, and core consulting behaviors that are essential for a successful career in technology consulting. This internship is crafted to provide you with hands-on experience and exposure to various aspects of consulting. If you're looking to develop your skills and launch your career - look no further!



Job Description: 

An Assessed Internship is an excellent way to get to know Shell from the inside and immerse yourself in the energy industry. It can also help you decide what career is right for you. You’ll have full day-to-day involvement in actual projects, selected to match your interests and abilities. You’ll join a project team and work alongside Shell employees who are all professionals in their fields. Their perspectives will contribute to your understanding of our business, its demands, and rewards.

A supervisor and mentor will support you directly and you’ll undertake regular assessments throughout your internship to ensure you get the most from the experience. As part of the Assessed Internship, you’ll have a formal mid-term review with your supervisor and mentor. At the close of your internship, you will be asked to prepare a presentation about your project and there will be a discussion on project delivery and performance by your supervisor and mentor.

  • Typically, 10-12 weeks in your chosen business area.

  • A real project with a significant level of business impact.

  • Discovering which skills you need to develop, through constructive feedback.

  • Developing valuable networks and contracts for future career opportunities


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